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The blazewear X1 - Heat Liners are our very latest heated glove liners and are part of our new 2013 X-Range of products. Following on from our first generation heated inner gloves, the X1 liners are made from a lightweight tough stretch fabric and use the latest composite fibre heating wire which now gives an extra 5C of heating temperature.

With easy to operate 3 heat setting push button function, they provides heating all the way around the fingers and thumb, heating the tips where the cold is felt the most. Designed to be worn under all types of outer sports and leisure gloves to keep the hands really warm during winter activities.

** Please note that these are glove inners and not gloves and that they are designed to be worn underneath outer gloves

Small/Medium 6 - 7 Inches
Large 8 - 9 Inches
X Large 10 - 11 Inches
Features and Contents

    Supplied with mains charger and 2 pair of compact lithium polymer batteries (1800mAh capacity)
    Easy 3 heat setting push button function with button conveniently located on the palm side of the wrist for ease of use.
    Now with 2 sizes stretchable fabric for better fitting for ladies hands
    Heat location along the outside of the gloves running right around fingers and thumb
    No wires felt so gloves are extremely comfortable
    Flat battery design to allow outer gloves to fit over the top
    Safe 7.4V low voltage with up to 6 hours heating

The X1 - Liners use the latest composite fibre heating wire made from a nickel/chromium synthetic fibre alloy which is very soft and durable and very comfortable to wear. The heating fibre is highly temperature resistant, has great heat and electrical conductivity properties and is resistant to washing and corrosion.

The real benefit of this type of fibre over traditional elements is that the fibre is contained within the glove materials so that it moves and stretches with the glove and heats all around the fingers to avoid the cold spots found in the finger tips of some heated gloves.

Heating Temperatures

X1 - Liners will heat to a max temperature of 49 - 50C as they are worn next to the skin. When worn with a quality pair of outer gloves providing insulation the temperature within the fingers of the glove will be increased by around 10C. We suggest that when inspecting the inners you test with a good quality pair of outer gloves to really feel how much heat is geerated and how the heat is really felt all the way to the tips of the fingers where the cold is felt the most.

Glove Operation

Gloves have a 3 heat setting operation controlled by a push putton located on the palm side of the wrist for ease of use. When gloves are first switched on the light on the glove glows red and must be pressed again to select the heat setting. This is important as the gloves will switch off if the heat setting is not selected, so we state this so that customers are aware.

Washing Liners

Hand wash liners making sure that button area and contact plug are kept dry. Only operate the heating once liners are completely dry.

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