Nos vamos de vacaciones desde el 25 de junio hasta el 20 de julio. Todos los pedidos realizados entre estas fechas, serán enviados el 21 de julio.

We are going on vacation from June 25 to July 20. All orders placed between these dates will be shipped on July 21.

Need a tune up your skis? Do not let him because of a bad state of the material, a nice day of skiing is becoming a nightmare. The maintenance of equipment is as important as your car tires are in good condition for optimal grip. For a ski is in good condition must be with the right structure, no holes, polished and any sharp edges.

Having problems with your boots?Come to our workshop and we will try to solve any problems that your boots fit best to your feet.

You lost a brake, a washer, a hook, etc. ... Come to Roca Roya Workshop, you will not regret.

Our workshop has some sophisticated machines of the prestigious brands "WINTERSTEIGER" and "R off B" offering an excellent finish to skis, yet also hand repairs for both skiing resort and competition.

Our skiman are professionals with an experience of over 10 years who recycle their knowledge each year in order to offer a better finish of the material to our customers.

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